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Reid Traditional Schools’ Preschool Program expands a preschooler’s knowledge and prepares them to be successful in kindergarten through age-appropriate academics using weekly thematic units of learning. We offer Full-Day and Half-Day Preschool with before and after school programs available!

Our Preschool Program is dedicated to providing a nurturing educational environment that prepares four-year-old children for kindergarten success. Continue reading to learn more about our preschool curriculum and activities. Contact a member of our staff at Reid Traditional Schools today with any questions!

Our Preschool Curriculum

We provide a preschool program based on developmental milestones that will foster a positive self image and social skills through reading readiness, pre-math, language developmental activities, music, art, and movement activities.

Thematic units will focus on:

• Phonemic awareness and letter recognition
• Awareness of print and early reading concepts
• Number recognition and early math concepts

• Critical thinking skills such as predicting, recalling events, and sequencing
• Music, Art, and Movement classes will be used to develop fine and gross motor skills

Language and Literacy Development

  • Instilling the love of reading through listening to fine literature
  • Retelling stories and drawing pictures about stories
  • Understanding the relationship between letters and sounds (early phonics)
  • Knowledge of print
  • Written expression with use of words or drawings to convey meaning


  • Sorting
  • Understanding directions (up, down, top, bottom, etc.)
  • Recognizing numbers
  • Simple problem solving
  • Patterns and functions (basic shapes, colors, and classifications)


As children explore the classroom and outdoor environments, they learn about science and the role it plays in our lives.

Our science curriculum focuses on developing an understanding of:

  • Making and recording observations (the concepts of same and different)
  • Exploring our environment (the five senses)
  • Exploring our earth (weather, plants, and animals)


Music is shared each day in our preschool classrooms at Reid. Children enjoy listening to music, learning dance, creative movement, and singing.


Experiences are planned for the sheer joy and excitement of self expression through art, including coloring, painting, drawing, and making objects and crafts.


Physical fitness activities are designed to help children develop basic motor skills (run, hop, jump, skip, etc.) and experience the meaning of team play.

Programs and Hours Available

Reid Traditional Schools offers Full-Day and Half-Day Preschool for four-year-old children with classes held Monday through Friday. We also offer before and after school programs with a separate meeting space dedicated to our youngest students.

To be eligible for preschool at Reid Traditional Schools, the child must be four years old on or before August 31st of the school year, and must be fully toilet trained.

  • Full Day Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Half Day Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • Before School Care Opens: 6:30 a.m.
  • After School Care Closes: 6:15 p.m.

**Please note that our Preschool Program follows the school’s calendar including Winter Break, Spring Break, Monday Holidays, and half days.

Preschool Tuition


Full-Day Preschool tuition is $5,850 per year, payable in ten monthly payments of $585.


Half-Day Preschool tuition is $3,500 per year, payable in ten monthly payments of $350.

Before and After School Program Rates


Full-Day Preschool tuition is $5,850 per year, payable in ten monthly payments of $585.


Half-Day Preschool tuition is $3,500 per year, payable in ten monthly payments of $350.

How to Apply and What Happens Next

We encourage you to complete a Pre-Enrollment Application form to join the waiting list. Preschool waiting list applications may be submitted beginning the first Monday in November for the following school year.

Students must be four years old on or before August 31st of the school year in order to be placed on the Waiting List, and they must be fully potty trained. Placement in preschool is offered based upon the Waiting List. There is not a lottery for preschool placement.

You are invited to join us in mid-March for our Preschool Open House. You and your child may visit the classrooms and playgrounds, chat with our teachers, and see samples of the curriculum.

In late March, we will begin notifying families that placement is available, and we will continue to contact families about registration until all places have been reserved. The $40 registration fee and first month’s tuition are required to reserve your child’s place; these payments are not refundable.

We would love to have every one of our preschoolers attend Painted Rock Academy’s kindergarten, but membership in our preschool program does not give priority placement status for following year’s Kindergarten class. We do, however, make sure our preschool families know when the public kindergarten Open Enrollment windows are, for the greatest likelihood of being offered enrollment. Contact Reid Traditional Schools today with any questions or concerns about our Preschool Program!

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